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About me.

Yoga is a practice that I love, it brings out the best in me and helps me to free the honest expression that is hiding in all of us.

After attending yoga classes for many years and also searching and searching for happiness and more to do, I asked myself ‘what do you really want to do?’ I wondered, ‘Would I be able to teach yoga?’ and after a long search I found the perfect school for me: LIVE LOVE and Teach, and I realized the answer was YES!

When I can combine the best of my teaching, bring fun to my classes and be authentic I feel I am a successful yoga teacher.

I started my wellness company Yogarriba after completing my teacher training course in snowy Newport. Yogarriba is my own authentic self. The one that has no fear and speaks freely from my heart! I was in a powerful yoga training by Live, Love and Teach back in Newport December 2013. I was tired, cold, living through a snow storm ( quite a new experience after growing up in Venezuela and living on Bonaire!), learning and practicing teaching in another language and I just simply couldn’t express one of the transitions in my yoga flow. My face was angry and mad! I could feel it in my whole body, the negative emotions. I had to teach a class and when I stood up in front of my fellow students, my whole body was paralyzed by fear.
I guess it was very obvious for the teacher and suddenly he said, ‘Loly, please teach in Spanish. I said ‘What?! Everything speaks English!’ So I start looking at the people in front of me, I let go and said, perro abajo, salta, camina and suddenly I said ARRIBA!!! Guess what, I let go, and I got it, the flow felt right and good! My teacher said: “this is you! Don’t forget to be yourself when you switch to English!”.

It felt so good to connect my yoga practice and teaching with my authentic self and I knew it was the only way to do it. Later in a group chatting someone said to me, why you don’t called your yoga Arriba or something with ARRIBA! I knew this was my breakthrough moment that I never wanted to forget, and also wanted to share with other people.

After coming back to Bonaire and starting a facebook page I named the page YOGARRIBA and then my wellness company also.

Yogarriba truly is me!!






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yoga classes   -  yoga events  -  massages  -  about me  -  the earthship