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Welcome to the Bonaire Earthship!

Ten years ago my husband had a vision to make something different on Bonaire, so he contacted the earthship organization and soon started the earthship houses in Bonaire.

We started strong, but life happens and the Earthship wasn’t finished until 3 years ago! It became a labor of love, we worked hard ourselves to make this a reality.

We built two eco houses, with solar panels, rain water collection systems and recycled materials. It is amazing what we can do with nature, we have everything we need! We created a greenhouse where we grow many plants, such as papaya, lemon grass, lettuce, tomatoes and spinach!

I incorporate these fresh foods into my food and therapies and much as possible. The buildings are beautiful and bright, the greenhouse full of life, and surrounded by the small Bonairean hills covered in cactus, this place is just a must see!




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yoga classes   -  yoga events  -  massages  -  about me  -  the earthship