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Welcome to my massages page. On this page I explain about the different types of massages that I offer.
Massages can be done at the Earthship in the spiritual surroundings of Bonaire's beautiful outback nature, but massages can also be performed at your home or other locations.


Ayurvedic massage

I studied Ayurvedic massage under a great Indian guru teacher. He really taught me the power of presence, and the healing benefits of organic oils.

I combine my oils myself, for your needs and mix fresh lemongrass or herbs from our greenhouse garden to really leave a fresh sensation in your body, remove toxins and soften muscles.

The atmosphere during the massage is uniquely yours. Enjoy relaxing at the natural Earthship, accompanied by the magical silence. When you relax there, away from all the noises of every day busy life, after few minutes you feel like a tremendous energy of relaxation and calming.

We don’t look at the watch while we are giving a massage our therapies are by reservation only and we take our time with you to make you feel truly relaxed and energetic!



60 minutes - $70 - incl. homemade special oils        130 minutes - $140 - incl. homemade special oils


Yoga - Arriba!
- How the name came to be

Yogarriba is my own authentic self
The one that has no fear, can talk with the heart

I was in a powerful yoga training for live love and teach back in Newport December 2013
And I was tired. cold, was a snow storm, other language and I just simple could get one of the transition of the yoga flow.
My face was angry and mad
I had to teach a class and when I stand up in front of my collegues to teach a class my whole body was in fear so I guess was very obvious for the teacher and suddenly he says loly please teach in Spanish, I say what?
So I start looking at the people in front of me, saying, perro abajo, salta, camina and suddenly I said ARRIBA and guess what I get it and my teacher says: this is you! Don’t forget it now being you swith to English.
Later in a group charting someone says to me why you don’t called your yoga Arriba or something with ARRIBA!
After coming back to Bonaire and starting a facebook page I named the page YOGARRIBA and the business also.


Share your passions - love what you do - Talk with your heart

yoga classes   -  yoga events  -  massages  -  about me  -  the earthship