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Come and join our yoga classes!

Yoga is a practice that I love, bring the best in me and remain me to keep the free expression that is hiding in all of us

After assisting to yoga classes for many years , searching and searching for happiness and more to do I ask myself what do you really want to do?

Would you be able to teach yoga, searching and searching I found the perfect school for me LIVE LOVE and Teach
When I can combine the best of my teaching, bring fun to my classes and Be Authentic as myself.


Sunset Yoga Divi Flamingo
Pure Sun Deck The best sunset yoga in town! Enjoy the water below you, amazing sunsets and shooting stars!
Every Thursday at 6.30pm  -  $15 (Yoga mat $2 surcharge)

Stretch and Splash Yoga Divi Flamingo South Pool
A comfortable stretching class and a jump in the pool after to wake up! Join us on
Tuesday mornings at 7:30am  -  $15

Semi Private Earthship Class Connect with your own yoga practice in our semi private Earthship class. Personal attention and adjustments make this class the perfect opportunity to go deeper into own yoga. At Solymar Earthship,
Wednesdays at 10:30am  -  $15
Maximum 5 people, please reserve your mat!

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Lolymar is a teacher who brings fun into your practice

As my creativity started flowing as a yoga teacher, I felt inspired and started to create yoga events in unique locations on the island.

I love to connect with people, make things different, let them have fun while I too am enjoying myself and the gift of life. You will find fresh ingredients, healthy veggies fresh from our green house and fruity wines, this is the best combination to create a relaxing and magical experience in our events.

I have created special atmospheres at the Solymar Earthship, the only Earthship on the island, a Rooftop Yoga Retreat at El Pueblo Villas, with amazing views of the whole island, a vegan catered event at Villa Maya, a luxurious villa in Sabadeco and an intimate couples Valentines Yoga Connection at a waterfront villa.

These events are always something different and special! A good time is guaranteed.


Yoga on several gorgeous and inspiring locations

Aside from our homebase, the Bonaire Earthship, we practice yoga on several locations, such as the Divi Flamingo Resort, the centrally located HFC Bonaire gym and now and then on any location as an outdoor yoga event.



Share your passions - love what you do - Talk with your heart

yoga classes   -  yoga events  -  massages  -  about me  -  the earthship